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The Little Eagle That Could

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The Little Eagle That Could

He has his own room complete with a full sized nest. And he sort of rules the roost. Emrys, the juvenile American Bald Eagle at TreeHouse Wildlife Center, has found his niche in life as the resident educational eagle for the Meeting of the Great Rivers.

Emrys being fed

It’s a role this curious and rambunctious eagle has embraced, according to Rachael Heaton, Director of Operations at TreeHouse.. Emrys became a permanent resident of TreeHouse, an eight acre rehabilitation center for injured and sick wildlife located in Dow, IL after being struck by a car in Salem, IL in March of 2015. His right wing was damaged beyond repair and had to be amputated above the wrist. That meant Emrys could not be released back into the wild.

“As we worked on helping Emrys heal, we realized he had a great curiousity and ability to learn. We began to train him for our educational outreach program,” Rachael said. “Emrys is now four-years-old and is really a great representative. When we take him out to the different locations, he helps people understand about juvenile bald eagles and how they mature.”

Emrys at a young age

At around the age of 5, Emrys head and tail feathers will turn white giving him a more typical bald eagle appearance.

Emrys at four years of age, notice the white feathers coming in

For more information about Emrys or to schedule a tour of TreeHouse Wildlife Center, call 618-466-2990.